1st track
2 minutes


mobile aenoise


table abuse


4th track
2 minutes
april - creutzfeldt
split LP
samples, or something like that...
5th track
11.11 minutes
(20 mb!)


Interference, noise...can't handle the earshot, must be something from above, i can't deny it, this sound paralize me. damn it all, who the fuck doing this, illness creature of socialisation, betrayed by love.
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under the pledge of secrecy
A.E. & A.E. started 1998 under the name Amphilonche Elongata (AE) und renamed 2000 in aenoise.
Influenced by japanese noise combos e.g. KK Null, our style is experimental electronica, soundscapes & ear discomfort.

1999 CD - amphilonche elongata [AEINC] sold out
1999 CD - astronomische einheit 149.597.870.691 [AEINC] sold out
2002 samples on Creutzfeldt / April - split LP
2008 samples on Under the pledge of secrecy - the convoluted line